Taylor Paredes-Rysanek is a musician/sound designer based in Boston, MA.


My love for the human connection to audio, game, and visual media guides my ideas and works. My sound is atmospheric, and I'm inspired by sound's impact on the listener from a musical/storytelling perspective. 


I'm proficient with using instruments and programs such as:

Ableton, Logic, Protools, Unity, Max/MSP, FMOD, Wwise, Analog/Digital synthesis(modular or soft), Guitar, Voice, and the Octatrack. 






A spirograph audio visualizer created by Taylor G Paredes-Rysanek using Max/MSP.  

The video below is a piece manipulating SPIRO called Measure Up by RYST (Taylor Paredes-Rysanek). The piece was created on the Octatrack which manipulates the visualizers parameters to create different scenes using MIDI parameter controls. Controlling settings like position, feedback, color, and more. There are a number of MIDI CC's that can be manipulated to customize your scene and your spirographs!